Interactive English Exercises


Complete these sentences.

  1. English is more popular ______ Swedish.
    a) then
    b) than
    c) thin
    d) them

  2. If I ______ more free time, I would learn Italian.
    a) have
    b) would have
    c) have had
    d) had

  3. Many people want to learn English ______ they think it will help their career.
    a) because
    b) because of
    c) although
    d) unless

  4. People ______ want to a learn foreign language must practice often.
    a) how
    b) who
    c) which
    d) with

  5. Some students spend a lot of money ______ books.
    a) on
    b) in
    c) with
    d) at

  6. These exercises will help a student ______ progress.
    a) do
    b) make
    c) to doing
    d) to making

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