English Exercises

Adjectives 1

Complete each of the following sentences.

  1. Karen is ______ than her sister.
    a) young
    b) younger
    c) youngest

  2. The mouse is the ______ animal in the zoo.
    a) small
    b) smaller
    c) smallest

  3. Barbara is as ______ as Janet.
    a) intelligent
    b) more intelligent
    c) most intelligent

  4. The dog is ______ than the hamster.
    a) large
    b) larger
    c) largest

  5. Everyone in our family sings beautifully, but my mother is the ______ singer.
    a) good
    b) better
    c) best

  6. A knife is ______ than a spoon.
    a) dangerous
    b) more dangerous
    c) most dangerous

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