English Exercises

Adjectives 2

Complete each of the following sentences.

  1. His aunt is as ______ as my father.
    a) old
    b) older
    c) oldest

  2. There are many exciting cities, but New York is the ______ city in the world.
    a) exciting
    b) more exciting
    c) most exciting

  3. The bus is ______ than the train.
    a) bad
    b) worse
    c) worst

  4. There are many cheap things in that shop, but the salt is the ______ thing.
    a) cheap
    b) cheaper
    c) cheapest

  5. Betty is ______ than George.
    a) careful
    b) more careful
    c) most careful

  6. All the boys are bad, but Larry is the ______.
    a) bad
    b) worse
    c) worst

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