Exercícios de Inglês

Tag Questions 2

Complete each of the following sentences.

1. Bruce knows Janet, ______ he?
a) knows
b) doesn't
c) do
d) did

2. Alice did a good job, ______ she?
a) does
b) do
c) didn't
d) is

3. Bob and Janet can't swim, ______ they?
a) cannot
b) can
c) can't
d) do

4. It won't be difficult, ______ it?
a) won't
b) does
c) will
d) is

5. You ate my hamburger, ______ you?
a) don't
b) aren't
c) didn't
d) won't

6. They were nice, ______ they?
a) didn't
b) isn't
c) wasn't
d) weren't

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